Rocket - Inea rasvjeta


Surface-mounted luminaires of high protection (IP65), originally intended for projection emphasizing of external elements of various objects. There is a variety of finishing of the body of the lamp: eloxized aluminium, black, white, grey, Rusty Iron or any other color at our client's request.

Stropna svjetiljka
Završne boje
LED rasvjeta
T5 rasvjeta


ROCKET LED svjetiljka
Stropna svjetiljka
LED rasvjeta
Type Dimensions L Luminous Flux Code
LED 13W 595 1300 lm 357-241AG-595/11W
LED 18W 875 1950 lm 357-241AG-875/18W
LED 23W 1155 2600 lm 357-241AG-1155/23W
LED 28W 1435 3250 lm 357-241AG-1435/28W
Type Dimensions L Luminous Flux Code
LED 19W 595 2200 lm 357-241AG-595/18W
LED 28W 875 3300 lm 357-241AG-875/28W
LED 35W 1155 4400 lm 357-241AG-1155/35W
LED 43W 1435 5500 lm 357-241AG-1435/43W


ROCKET svjetiljka
Stropna svjetiljka
T5 rasvjeta
Type Dimensions L Code
1x14/24W T16 592 357-211AG-14 W
1x14/24W T16 592 357-211AG-24 W
1x21/39W T16 892 357-211AG-21 W
1x21/39W T16 892 357-211AG-39 W
1x28/54W T16 1192 357-211AG-28 W
1x28/54W T16 1192 357-211AG-54 W
1x35/49/80W T16 1492 357-211AG-35 W
1x35/49/80W T16 1492 357-211AG-49 W
1x35/49/80W T16 1492 357-211AG-80 W

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