Movi - Inea rasvjeta


Elegant suspension lamp with direct-indirect light distribution. There is a variety of finishing of the body of the lamp: eloxized aluminium, black, white, grey, Rusty Iron or any other color at our client's request.

Ovjesna indirektna svjetiljka
Završne boje
T5 rasvjeta


MOVI svjetiljka
Ovjesna indirektna svjetiljka
T5 rasvjeta
Type Dimensions L x W x H Code
2x28w 1290 x 260 x 55 303-521AB-28W
2x35w 1590 x 260 x 55 303-521AB-35W
2x49w 1590 x 260 x 55 303-521AB-49W
2x54w 1290 x 260 x 55 303-521AB-54W
2x80w 1590 x 260 x 55 303-521AB-80W

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